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name: Urban Expedition 0678-001
date: 24 May 2008
location: Dordrecht, Netherlands
more info & pics: urban expedition 0678-001

name: Obsolete
date: 23 May 2008 - 25 May 2008
location: W139 basement, Amsterdam
description: physical presentation of pictures from obsolete log
more: movie (3:55 min)

solo show:  Systems 1997 - 2007: From Geometric Software Formalism to Obsolete Hardware Walks
date: 24 March 2007 - 15 April 2007
location: Buro Empty, Amsterdam
info: pressrelease

name: Secondary Colors
dates: 18 august - 17 september 2006
location: Electron, Breda
type: installation
more info: secondary colors

name: Window
01 april - 27 may 2006
location: Medium Turm, Graz
type: installation
description: standard office set up with computer running the software piece window
more info :

name: - a retroperspective
date: 15 jan 2006
location: Galerie West
description: overview of works that were published through the years on
more info: Galerie West

name: Formulas
date: 28 december 2005
type: screenrecording with spoken word
description: registration of the the process of the programming of the software program formulas
location: Consortium, Amsterdam
more info:

name: rationalizer4*3
date: 03 dec 2005
Location: Time Canvas, Muhka, Antwerp
type: installation 3x notebook, 90° turned.
description: special software that can be controlled by the keys of the notebook's keyboard.

name: art-domains
date: 27 april 2005
Location: Art Frankfurt 2005
type: installation reenactment
more info:

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